Are you looking for full-day and half-day training to:

  • Create and Sustain a Workplace Culture of Commitment and Accountability
  • Dramatically Improve Professional and Personal Relationships
  • Expand Self-Awareness/Self-Responsibility and Improve Emotional Well-Being
  • Improved Employee Alignment, Engagement, and Talent Retention

Chalmers offers comprehensive, highly interactive full-day and half-day training sessions designed to provide managers, supervisors, and employees a powerful new way of understanding language, conversations, and the basics of human dynamics. Based on the same powerful foundation as SOAR, these programs provide a new framework and a new set of tools for improving teamwork, communication, performance, and bottom-line results!

Chalmers most requested and shorter training programs include:

Leadership, Conversation, Results.

Introduces participants to a new and powerful way of understanding language, conversations, and the basics of how their organization operates. Improves self-awareness, self-responsibility, effectiveness, and accountability. Provides specific tools for creating a culture of commitment.

Relationship Teamwork

Ideal for retreats and off-sites, this program provides a “new place to look” for strengthening our most important relationships. Provides leaders, managers, and employees – as well as spouses and significant others — with practical tools for improving relationships, listening, and trust.

Life Balance 101

Also suitable for retreats or off-sites, this program outlines 12 Permanent Domains of Life and provides a new framework and new set of tools for purposefully designing – and redesigning our lives.