Nowadays, employees of all types increasingly work in teams. And companies’ bottom-line results are increasingly connected to how well employees communicate and collaborate to achieve shared goals.

For nearly 30 years, Chalmers Brothers has spoken to groups and organizations around the country about the:

  • Thought-provoking and eye-opening new understanding of language.
  • Power of conversions and practical insights.
  • Tools that can be immediately used to improve communication skills and collaboration.
  • Ways to build more meaningful and healthy relationships in their personal and professional lives.

Leveraging his extensive knowledge base, he customizes his keynotes and extended sessions to achieve the goals and objectives you set for your event.


Here is a list of Chalmers’ compelling speaking topics:

Leadership Conversations: Leveraging the Power of Language to Drive Results

During this session, he will stress the importance of leadership conversations and speech acts. He will answer these questions: What do leaders actually get paid to do? That is, what are the most important one or two or three things that leaders must do well to be effective? Then, he will dig deeper by analyzing through real-world examples the quality and depth of leaders’ conversations and impact, and the quality and depth of relationships (internally and externally), both of which impact the quality and depth of results they are able to achieve. Learn how to get results with and through others, and by leveraging teams to sustain success.

Moods and Emotions: What, Why, and How to More Effectively Design Them for Improved Performance

During this session, he will share if moods and emotions have anything to do with business success today. He will address if moods
and emotions have anything to do with our ability to create and sustain healthy, mutually beneficial personal and professional relationships. And, he will explain how moods and emotions are connected with our capacity to create a life of balance, meaning, fulfillment and contribution—no matter how anyone may define and understand those terms. Throughout the conversation, he will impart distinctions using real-world examples that will strengthen your ability to see, understand and take productive action in three inter-related key competencies that are critical for individual and organizational success.

Different Conversation for Different Results

During this session, he will introduce the five key types of competencies at our disposal for doing what we do and achieving the results we achieve. He will also show how many organizations, particularly in STEM-driven industries, are often less developed relationally, emotionally and conversationally than are the functional and technical disciplines. Then, he will tie all of this together using real-world examples to deliver an understandable representation of the enormous opportunity organizations can have for building a sustainable, competitive advantage given the collaborative nature of today’s workplaces. How these improvements can open doors to game-changing improvements, to employee engagement, to individual and organizational growth, to productivity and profitability—even in companies with similar technical, functional and financial bases.