SOAR T3 – Train-the-Trainer Certification Program

What is SOAR T3 Certification Program?

The SOAR Program (Success through Observer – Action – Results) is a multisession, cohort-based leadership and employee development program that dramatically improves conversational, relational and emotional competencies.

Based on key principles from the books Language and the Pursuit of Happiness by Chalmers Brothers and Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence: How Extraordinary Leaders Build Relationships, Shape Culture and Drive Breakthrough Results co-authored by Chalmers Brothers and Vinay Kumar, the SOAR T3 (Train-the-Trainer) Program is a 3-day certification and 9 months of learning. SOAR T3 trains coaches and consultants to offer a cutting-edge multi-module leadership and employee development program.

The certification program teaches proven leadership models and methodologies from the fields of organizational development, behavioral science, sociology and linguistics, SOAR provides new tools, perspectives and practices that enable participants to produce breakthrough results, including:

  • Heightened levels of self-awareness and self-responsibility, coupled with reduced tendency to blame others
  • Improved ability to create and sustain healthy relationships τ Improved leadership effectiveness
  • Improved teamwork, productivity and accountability
  • More clarity about root causes of performance issues
  • Greater authenticity and ability to build or rebuild trust
  • New ability to design/influence one’s own emotional space

When is the next SOAR T3 Cohort Session?

Date: December 5 – 8, 2016

Location: REI Systems, Inc, 45335 Vintage Park Plaza, Sterling, VA 20166 (close to Washington Dulles International Airport)

Who is eligible to participate?

CCE’s: 7.5 hrs. Core Competency + 4.5 hrs. Resource Development


If you are an experienced, credentialed coach or consultant seeking to dramatically strengthen your LEADERSHIP and EMPLOYEE TRAINING offerings, you are invited to learn with us by joining Cohort #3. Or if you have questions, please contact contact Astri at