Inspirational and Empowering Keynote Speaker

I’m Chalmers Brothers. I hope you will watch my video and book me as your next corporate keynote speaker.

I provide thought-provoking and highly entertaining corporate keynote speaking for events of all types.

When’s the last time you attended a keynote event, with a business keynote speaker, at which you laughed a lot… and at the same time, the corporate keynote speaker left a truly lasting impression on you? Or the last time when, in the space of an enjoyable hour or so, you gained insights about yourself and others that you still think about and have had a lasting impact on your life through the help of one of the best corporate speakers?

For the past 20 years, I have been a corporate speaker to groups and organizations around the country. In a variety of different settings, from quarterly meetings to banquets to retreats, I blend humor and insight into the way we human beings operate — and how this impacts our relationships and results — with thousands of people.

Whether your program is for executive leadership; employee corporate training; sales training; team building; or to inspire, empower and entertain a nonprofit organization, contact Chalmers to begin creating a powerful and memorable keynote speaking event. If you see some real value for yourself and others, please contact me and share my information with your networks.